How To Create Your Own Profitable Affiliate Blog

Blogs that make money through affiliate marketing do so by promoting products in their posts and / or through their email list. Some choose not to promote on the blog at all and keep it exclusively to email whilst others choose never to send any email promotions to subscribers and keep it on the blog.


Typically the ones that see real success with this model are the bloggers who are open, honest, upfront about the fact they receive commissions and who deliver incredible value in every post.They don’t write fake reviews of products or say ‘XYZ’ is great simply for the sake of promoting in.They show what they are promoting in action, write in-depth reviews, create case studies, provide actionable content that their visitors can see results from and in turn their visitors reward them by clicking on their links and buying.So essentially they stand behind what they promote and more often than not have used the product themselves.Through their great content and over the top value their visitors begin to trust and develop a relationship with them and you’re much more likely to buy from someone like that than a random internet stranger.

120x60Aside from content that promotes something the bulk of your content is likely to be pure value that your visitor can use that doesn’t promote anything.


Advantages of Affiliate Blogs

  • Great way to build up trust and a good reputation which is the easiest way to promote affiliate products.
  • Allows you to easily build an email list that you can use to further grow your business by sending traffic back to your site and promote to.
  • Through actionable content, case studies, and reviews you can make affiliate commissions with relative ease.
  • Blogs are easy to draw traffic to – you’ll pick up Google traffic, referrals from other bloggers, mentions on forums, social media shares and so on assuming your content is good.
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Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing Blogs

  • Takes time to build your reputation for being a trusted marketer with high quality content.
  • 80% of your content likely promotes nothing so you put in a lot of work into writing and creating new posts that don’t directly create income – though do help with your credibility, traffic and building your email list.
  • Not a fast way to make money in most cases as you’ll have to build up your content and traffic levels before you see significant results.



How These Sites Deliver Value

By creating some of the best content in the niche on the subjects that your audience want to know about.

Through solving their problems and giving them actionable content they can use to improve themselves or their situation.

Being upfront, honest, open and always over delivering.

Never putting out content that half hearted or designed simply to promote a product.

Only promoting products which they truly believe in.



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