Yoga Affiliate Programs

I’m back with this week’s Niche of the Week. This time, I found something that I am definitely interested in! In fact, I’m into it right now. And it’s surprising for me to see that this topic falls under the spirituality niche, when it is more popular these days as a weight-loss method and way of promoting general wellness.

Yes, I’m talking about yoga — and yoga affiliate programs.

Can you lose weight, find your center, and rake in cash all at the same time?


Know the Yoga Community

Since yoga is a way of life, you can bet there is an online community of yogis and yoginis. But how big a community are we talking about here?

I only have to look at social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook to know that yoga is an “in” thing for fitness and wellness buffs. But I still recommend checking Google Trends to see exactly how this niche is performing.

Google Trends show an upward interest in yoga. The biggest interest comes from Canada, Singapore and the US, countries whose citizens have spending power.

Yoga, as an industry, is performing well, and is predicted to do even better in the coming years. Interest in the niche has not waned, as more and more people are trying to live better by staying fit. As with any popular niche, you’ll find plenty of websites on yoga, such as and These are established sites with plenty of followers. And where there is a large following, you’ll find an interactive community that you can join in later to mingle and promote.



Letting People In Your Circle

The yoga niche has an active community that you can target and tap. Go out there and be one with them!

A popular niche is both lucrative and challenging. On the one hand, you have a large market you can target, but on the other, you can be sure other marketers out there are tapping into the same market and upping the competition. Good link-building and marketing strategies can make all the difference in a competitive niche. Be sure to have one ready in the early stages of planning your affiliate marketing business — even just a rough draft — so you can make a smooth transition from site-building to link-building.

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Social Media Marketing

This is the top link-building and marketing method these days, and with millions of people logged in to their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, it’s really no surprise. You can even find groups/communities on Facebook like this one where you can join in and be part of the discussion. You can share a few informative articles on your site and any other interesting tidbits on yoga. Just be sure you’re not just shamelessly self-promoting and that you’re following any community rules.

Affiloblueprint has lessons on promoting your site through social media. You can also check out resources such as for more tips and strategies on promoting your website on social media.

Create Tools or Videos

Great content such as tools and videos can bring in lots of traffic to a site. Creating this content to share on your website, and on other social media sites, is difficult, but the results more than make up for effort spent.

Videos are not nearly as complicated as you might think, especially once you’ve decided what you will make your video about. You can demonstrate a few yoga positions, or you can do a yoga video diary and set that up on YouTube and other video-sharing sites. Not only will you be on a path to wellness, you wallet will be too! (YouTube content creators can earn some serious cash.)

Creating tools require a deeper knowledge of the niche and your target market. What tool would they find helpful enough to download and share? That’s a question you need to answer, and once you do, it can take considerable time and money getting that tool out. But, again, being the site that offers a unique tool to the rest of the yoga community is worth it.

Don’t be overwhelmed with the challenges these content types present. You can always outsource, if need be.


Flattery List

A flattery list is a list of the movers and shakers in your niche. In the yoga niche, this would be top yogis and their websites. You can create a list of the best yogis, a list of the top websites, or a list of the best yoga clothing brands to feature on your blog. Make sure to include why you’re selecting them as the best. Trust is important here.

You can then get in touch with these websites and let them know you added them to your list. Usually they’ll give you a shoutout and mention they were featured in an article on their own social media pages. When they share the link, you get more traffic. It sounds like a drawn-out process, but it’s really simple.



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